Vinyl video tango course

The name of the project is “Vinyl Video Tango course – musicality for dancers”.
It was implemented as part of the scholarship program of the Ministry of Culture and National HeritageCulture on the web.
Here we present the first film devoted to Francisco Canaro orqestra from the series (there will be 12 films in total).

Every film will consist of Theoretical and Practical part.

Film is in Polish, but you are still welcome to look, and to practice. Practical part is intuitive for all 😉

Episode 2 – composer Julio De Caro and his orchestra. 

Episode 3 – Juan d’Arienzo Argentine Tango musician lived from 1900 to 1976. He was a violinist, bandleader and composer also known as “El Rey del Compás” (King of the Beat). D’arienzo wrote over 1,000 Tango songs, his music is very popular to this day and is often heard at milongs not only in Buenos Aires but around the world.

Episode 4 – Francisco Lomuto and poet José María Contursi
Francisco Juan Lomuto, lived from 1893 to 1950. He was a pianist,leader and composer of Argentine Tango.

Episode 5 – Ángel D’agostino and the three main themes of Tango.D’agostino’s orchestra had its magic, playing straight and with musical flair. The conductor was able to choose a beautiful repertoire, nostalgic and more different from other orchestras of the time.

Episode 6 – Ricardo Tanturi / poet Enrique Cadícamo / Bandoneon in Tango is like lungs
The Bandoneon in Tango is like lungs that breathe rhythmically and passionately, purifying the air we breathe. The air that fills our blood with oxygen… and the blood reaching the heart invigorates our most authentic and true feelings.

Episode 7 – Carlos Di Sarli: el señor del tango

Episode 8 – Miguel Caló: Orchestra of stars / pianist Osmar Maderna

Odcinek 9  – Aníbal Troilo: El bandoneon mayor de Buenos Aires / poet Homero Manzi
Anibal Troilo was called “El bandoneon mayor de Buenos Aires” – “the chief bandoneon of Buenos Aires”. Bandoneon day in Argentina is celebrated on July 11, which is Troilo’s birthday. 

Więcej informacji o organizowanych przez nas winylowych tango-maratonach: Krakow Vinyl Tango Marathon De Oro: